keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2016


for  Ida Koitila – crash of air, Finnland-Institut


Eyes on dice, dots on cubes: 4-dimensional maps or braille writing for blind angels? Morse code for dancers or Tetris about to tilt? Yatzee is a game that makes you think while having fun, but Lebensgefahr makes you think that you think you’re having fun, while cabballistic codes and sacred sudokus occupy your submarine brain…

Alarm! The bottom of the sea is blooming; organs without bodies, diverse earth-wide tentacular powers and forces and collected things with names like Naga, Gaia, Tangaroa (burst from water-full Papa),Terra, Haniyasu-hime, Spider Woman, Pachamama, Oya, Gorgo, Raven, A'akuluujjusi, and many many more.
These artworks may contain traces of rituals. Arki means ‘Everyday’ and ‘ordinary or non-special days in life’ in Finnish. Pretty close to arch or arc – the Midas suffixes turning everything they touch into principals. In the misty dawn of their etymological existence they pointed into the sun’s apparent motion in the sky – to bow, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Trigonometrical sin function can be used for drawing ’o', but when time breaks free from the gravity of the origo and continues right on x-axis, a ’ ~’ is born.  Accualy, to crush the head of the snake (Ouroboros)  is to create a torus , also known as doughnut.  The shape of cosiness is circular.
As tipping is not a town in China, you can’t dip in the same wax twice. Unless you are razor sharp blade made for marking borders. In the latter case it magnifies your molecular knots and makes you smooth and soft on the outside, and somehow reminding of a working class delicacy. The way of Asterix becoming an asterisk (*): per aspera – through hardships.  Koitila points out that chemical processes of matter are similar to alchemical processes of language. Her touch of reason reveals geometry of time within the anatomy of everyday. "Forms / forms / forms // basic / basic / forms // basic / basic / basic / basic / basic / basic / forms" (Robert Lax).
#Giantsplayingwithmatchesawareness. Candles have been lit in the wind. Some make-up for barbwires, and voila: tumbleweeds are burning in pastel shades. STage is ready for  Barbababa western to begin– rocket to moon and spaghetti to mouth.
For the ever after taste, I can’t praise enough Koitila’s recipe for the color of the only square on display: mix the blackness of ink with the whitness behind the words. Cosmic latte is also name assinged to the average color of the universe. The “chances” that have not decomposed can be used as focus points for maintaining balance.

(╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻
* Jarkko Räsänen